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Transylvania, Romania

locale in Romania that is otherwise called Transylvania. This has to do with the seven urban communities that were established or created by Saxon pilgrims. Because of the way that Romania is generally emphatically associated with Hungary, there is likewise a Hungarian name for this district. It sounds Erdely and very much like the authority Romanian name it signifies “country behind woods”. You can travel any way you want. Visits are organized on designated dates and you can choose the trip yourself: 




The idea is that we organize a flight for you to the starting point and return after 10 days. Then you choose the reserved means of transport and it can be on moto, car, train. You go on a predetermined route where accommodation, events and sightseeing are planned. In the form of available opportunities, you choose when and where you want to appear. It is important to book a place at least one day in advance.
Events are not movable
– introductory evening on the first day
– theme evening on the ninth day
– Service


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the most popular places

Castle of Dracula



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