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Transylvania is located in the central part of Romania, in the Transylvania Upland.

A district can think back on a violent history. Toward the start of the second century CE Transylvania was vanquished by the Romans, later it fell under the control of the Avars, Slavs, and Proto-Bulgarians. Transylvania endure the Mongol attack, was under Turkish rule, and in the nineteenth century it was essential for the Crown of St. Stefan. In any case, it was not these occasions that put this piece of Europe on the map.

Each and every individual who needs to get to know the exceptional side of Romania ought to visit perhaps of its most lovely district – Transylvania. You can see delightful scenes here, yet the most famous, particularly among history sweethearts, are the nearby landmarks, some of them more than 500 years of age.

Transylvania in Romania isn’t just terrific spaces. It is additionally Dracula’s palace, which doesn’t really have anything to do with Vlad the Impaler (the model of the renowned vampire). While in Transylvania, it merits visiting the palace, yet in addition places like Sighisoara, Cluj, Sibiu.

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