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Transylvania isn’t just about palaces, legends, antiquated towns and eminent invigorated palaces.

In any case, what I loved the most in Transylvania is sarma, or stuffed cabbage. The dish is known from Armenia, through Poland and Ukraine, to Serbia and Macedonia. Notwithstanding, its Romanian variant is my number one. We can find them made like in our nation – in a cabbage leaf (however sauerkraut) or in the Balkan way – in grape leaves. They taste best for me with a huge spoonful of harsh cream and a piece of country, worker bacon and a spot of matzah. Paradise in your mouth 🙂 You will unquestionably meet goulas in the neighborhood cafés, that is goulash, served in the Magyar way (with dumplings). Nonetheless, since we are in Romania constantly, the main dish is mici. These are small minced meat patties, a piece suggestive of Serbian cevapi. The neighborhood is presented with bread and mustard. Make certain to attempt papanasi for dessert. It is a sweet dish, looking like a combination of our doughnuts and doughnuts, presented with cream and jam.

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